Bamboo Charcoal fiber filter sponge

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Sponge (Spare for Top Filter)

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Bamboo Charcoal fiber filter sponge

Model: XY-1879,

Materials: Bamboo Charcoal,

Size:100 x 13.5 x 3 cm, Color – Black.

Bamboo charcoal fiber sponge chooses traditional bamboo as raw material. Using high temperature to carbonize the bamboo which will enchance the bamboo charcoal powder with nano-technology. And the nano-scale charcoal powder will be evenly separated on the surface .Finally the high quality bamboo charcoal fiber will be process with high complex technology.

The experts according to experiment concluded that the molecules hole size and softness is best suitable to develop the best for bacteria.

The bamboo charcoal fiber sponge could remove and filters impurities and decompose organic waste, furthermore, there are also filtration effect of sterilization , deodorization and odor removal.

Monthly once washing of bamboo charcoal fiber filter sponge by using running tap water to clean, after washing and cleaning its shape will remain, the hole will not be blocked by dirty particulars, it can be reused continuously.